How to increase the value of Suhosin variables?

On a Suhosin enabled server, the values of suhosin parameters for example “” are updated in the PHP configuration file i.e. php.ini. By default, non of the parameter is listed in the php.ini file and you have to mention the parameter and it’s new value manually.

In order to increase the value of from 2000 to 3000, locate the server side php.ini file

# php -i | grep php.ini
and define the parameter and the new value at the end of the file as shown below

[suhosin] = 3000
The values of other parameters can be updated in the same way, one per line. Save the file and restart the Web server.

# service httpd restart
To verify the new value, you can either execute the command

# php -i | grep
OR create a phpinfo.php file and browse it.

http://yourserverip/phpinfo.php How to increase the value of Suhosin variables?
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