mod_ruid2 module in cpanel

The mod_ruid2 module is a suexec module for Apache 2.0 that provides performance similar that of mod_php with the security of suphp. This module allows PHP applications to run as the user, instead of as the user nobody in a manner similar to suphp.

However, mod_ruid2 is incompatible with some EasyApache modules, such as FastCGI, mod_cache, mod_disk_cache, mod_mem_cache, and ModMono. While mod_ruid2 may be ideal for many environments, cPanel recommends testing and verification that it is appropriate for your configuration. Generally, mod_ruid2 is not considered to be production-worthy.

The latest release of EasyApache includes improvements to several third-party libraries and utilities. Updates to EasyApache 3.11.2 include support for modruid2 latest version.



mod_ruid2 module in cpanel
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