PHP-5.3 and PHP5.2

                   install php 5.2 and 5.3 on cpanel server.

This is a small script to run both php-5.2.x and 5.3.x on same cpanel server.

1) compile php-5.2.x using easyapache.
2)download the script from

4) select the php version 
Enter the PHP version[5.3.10 or 5.3.8] :
5) done!

Now we will get an option on cpanel to switch php versions for each accounts!
Go to cpanel >> software >> PHP Version
Thats it!!!!



22 thoughts on “PHP-5.3 and PHP5.2”

    1. You are welcome:). You can install the Ioncube on php.5.3.8(Custom php ) by simply executing the below command.

      /scripts/installmodules –install IonCubeLoader

      Regrading php5.3.10. I am working on it. If you can provide me your email address, I will let you know, the instructions about the 5.3.10 installation.

    2. Hi,

      php5.3.10 is ready now. You can install this by downloading and executing the following script


      Please feel free to get back to me if you need any further assistance.

  1. Hi Prajith, this really looks awesome, I stumbled to your website by looking for running php 5.2 & php 5.3 in the same cPanel Server.

    But I would like to clarify few things before installing this.

    If I use this script, will I get all the php modules installed for php 5.2 using the /scripts/easyapache? And what if I had situation to rerun easyapache for adding additional php module? will that break the secondly installed php 5.3 in anyway?

    I am asking because I would like to install this to one of my server where multiple client websites hosted.

    Awaiting your reply, Thanks,
    Sathyavrathan PK

    1. Yes. You will get the all default php modules when you installing this plugin, if you installing additional php modules after installing my plugin, you may need to recompile the plugin by using same installation script. I f you need any further assistance or free installation you can contact me through my personal email address

  2. Hello Prajith, Wonderful script. Please tell us how we can install the php 5.3.13 , just change the version number in the script or something else need to be done. Post the updated script soon.

    1. you can simply change the php version, by editing my install script. Please let me know if you need a customizes script.

    1. you can simply change the php version, by editing my install script. Please let me know if you need a customized script. Please let me know

  3. Prajith,

    This script is still supported and will work right? I am gonna try in a live server 😐 Please confirm and thanks in advance.

  4. My Server is running PHP Version 5.2.17, I would like to keep it as it is and add PHP Version 5.3.27 (latest of 5.3) parallely. Can you provide a custom script? or guide me to the necessary modifications in this script. Thanks in advance.

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