mod_reveseproxy: extract client IP from reverse proxy

If you setup Apache 2.4 With mod_remoteip, the apache extendedstatus always gives you the proxy IP, instead of client IP, actually this is due to that the mod_status  set client IP very early when there is a TCP connection but no headers, Apache 2.4 allows per-request notion of overriding the client address, but not at this early stage. To overcome this issue, I would suggest you to use mod_reveseproxy apache module, the modules is completely based on mod_cloudflare and mod_remoteip.

To install, follow the instructions on:


   apxs -i -c -n mod_reverseproxy.c  

Configuration Directives

ReverseProxyEnable           (On|Off)          - Enable reverse proxy

ReverseProxyRemoteIPHeader   X-Real-IP         - The header to use for the real IP
ReverseProxyRemoteIPTrusted         -  What IPs to adjust requests for

Example Configuration

LoadModule reverseproxy_module modules/

<IfModule reverseproxy_module>
  ReverseProxyEnable  On
  ReverseProxyRemoteIPHeader X-Real-IP


  • If mod_cloudflare or mod_remoteip are already loaded on the same web server, the web server will crash because both modules try to set the remote IP to a different value.

mod_reveseproxy: extract client IP from reverse proxy

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