ApacheBooster V2.5 released

A new version of the ApacheBooster (2.5) is available at the download page!

We have made several changes in configuration and also fixed some bugs. Please see the new features and updates.

✔ Fixed domain dedicated IP issue
✔ Changed nginx embedded vhost template to perl template toolkit.
✔ Updated /scripts/generate_varnish_conf script to fix the varnish IP address conflict.
✔ Option to disable/enable apachebooster temporarily.
✔ Upgraded nginx and varnish to latest version

In this version, customers have the ability to customize nginx vhost config template as per their needs.
New nginx vhost config template file can be found in /var/ApacheBooster/templates directory.

You can use the below commands to disable or enable ApacheBooster, this will be helpful for administrators to troubleshoot some apache and php related issues.
$> /scripts/manage_apacheboooster --enable
$> /scripts/manage_apacheboooster --disable

For update and installation, feel free to contact our tech support.

ApacheBooster V2.5 released

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  • April 2, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    i cannot open your site. what is the problem dear prajith? i want apachebooster


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