Update:: Mod_Pagespeed V1.1 released

We’ve upgraded Mod_Pagespeed Easyapache Build to stable version.Please see the new updates.

1) Compatible with Apache2.4

2)  Updated Mod_pagespeed to latest version.

3) Created Installation script.

Please do the following steps to upgrade or install.

 wget http://www.prajith.in/scripts/install_pagespeed.txt -O install_pagespeed.pl
        perl install_pagespeed.pl install  # for install and update
        perl install_pagespeed.pl uninstall  # for uninstall
Update:: Mod_Pagespeed V1.1 released

One thought on “Update:: Mod_Pagespeed V1.1 released

  • May 31, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Hello there i get

    413 Request Entity Too Large



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