Installing mytop on cpanel

Mytop is one of the best MySQL monitoring tools available, written by a MySQL guru, Jeremy Zawodny.

Its vital for monitoring your MySQL health, especially in a shared hosting environment.

Installation on a CentOS (for cPanel) server is quite straight forward with this guide.
First off, we need a few perl modules, cPanel’s realperlinstaller comes in handy, if you aren’t on cPanel, you’ll need to CPAN or manually install these modules.

   /scripts/realperlinstaller –force Getopt::Long

       /scripts/realperlinstaller –force DBI

       /scripts/realperlinstaller –force DBD::mysql

       /scripts/realperlinstaller –force Term::ReadKey

Now, we download and install mytop.


 tar zxpfv mytop-1.6.tar.gz

 cd mytop-1.6

 perl Makefile.PL


make install

NOTE: You may get following error in CentOS 5.3
Error in option spec: “long|!”

Search for the line in Makefile.PL

“long|!”              => \$config{long_nums},

Change it to by commenting using #

#”long|!”              => \$config{long_nums},

Installing mytop on cpanel

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